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06/03/2023 - Moving On...

It has been 7 months since my last blog post, more specifically 234 days. Within this time, a lot has happened. I mentioned I wanted to give myself a break from all things creative over the summer to prepare myself for university so I wouldn’t end up in an academic burnout. This was somewhat successful.

The jumper from college to university has been a difficult one to manage, especially with it being a new course for me. Going from one project at a time to a minimum of three at a time. Learning new techniques and processes has been a great time and I have managed to find what I like to do best. I went into university knowing I wanted to continue into a photographic practice, and this hasn’t change. I begin a module on personal practice on the 20th April, this will give me a chance to formulate ideas and techniques for the remaining of my artistic career.

When it comes to moving on, I am on about my photographic practice and my education. Though things in my personal life have been rough since October but it is starting to get better.

I know I am wanting to continue down the experimental photography approach and to continue my focus into the Anthropocene, but I also want to expand into more the digital side such as video and sound. I am also wanting to experiment combining sculpture with photography and to continue pushing the boundary of photography.

This blog post had been a short one but I will be uploading more after the 20th once I zone into creating work I want to.

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